Friday, January 30, 2009

Diamonds are forever...

Mind my title, I know it has nothing got to do with what I am gonna say later... May it has a little? Haha. It just keeps playing in my mind. Nevermind about that. 

I stumbled upon a design site, featured some gorgeous illustrations from our very talented Malaysian artist. I know we have lots of talented Malaysian designers/artists. I am gonna dig them out one by one. *laughs* Okay..back to our very talented Malaysian illustrator. She's Lock Sin. Her works are very detail and neat. Love the colours, sometimes dreamy and could be dark too. Her works remind me of Aya Kato. I know they're different. Both madness. Did I mention she's as gorgeous as her illustrations? She's not only good in illustrations, her fashion style rocks too. You should check out her works here and her blog.

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