Monday, March 30, 2009

Quack quack quack...

I haven't had the time to blog.. I haven't been drawing for quite some time already. No inspiration at the moment. Well, I've tried to do some paintings, but failed miserably. Freelance jobs are bombarding me at the moment, they come all together at the same time. Sucky jobs, but they pay all the bills, so i can't really complain much. Was planning to go to KL Design Week, wasn't in the mood to be bothered about it at all. 

The only project that I enjoyed was a logo design for a restaurant. It will be in the city of KL. I showed the client the first round and it was positive. I was supposed to show him 3 options, was too excited and ended up showing him 6 options! He was happy with my work and I'm glad he knew what he wants, which makes my task simpler. Now there are some changes need to be done on the logos. I am hoping for more good vibes as life has not been treating me well for the past few months!

I'll post up some necklaces I made last month. Pardon me for lack of updates.. procrastinating is officially my middle name. Urgh.. I really need to buck up and stop looking for excuses! Not good.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I would so love to participate in this event one day. If you're heading down to Singapore, please make sure u don't miss this event. 

is a market for artists and designers. This is a good place for you to exhibit your stuff or even selling your goods. Whatever you can think of, just give them a buzz.