Sunday, April 26, 2009

All I want for Christmas is you

Sorry for all these blog-diarrhea thing, I have no idea what's going on with me today. I just can't refrain myself from posting, plus I really don't have time to blog. Nevermind about that, let's just focus on the picture above, some necklaces I did last year; the Christmas series that I gave out to 1. my cousin, Pearly, 2. my sis, Jane and 3. my friend, Chloe. My sister lost the pendant when she was out clubbing! I'm sad. Rest in peace, yo!

The sweet smell of dawn

I have recently met with Mawk, a self-taught artist and a sign language interpreter by day; one of the founder of Bulu-bulu Studio.  

Frankly, I don't really dig hand-painted shoes and have not seen good ones in KL, but Mawk did a great job on her hand-painted shoes and tote bags. Her designs are very intricate and the shoes are one-off; ranges from RM60- RM200 above. Here are some pictures of her collaboration with PMS (Project Muff-Stit).

*All pictures are courtesy of PMS
This is a limited edition tee up for grab for only AUD$35 @ PMS. Mail them at

Par Avion

OoOOoo... I am so in love with this Par Avion laptop sleeve and clutches by Melbourne label Shuky. The Par Avion laptop sleeve is designed to fit the new aluminium MacBook 13" or MacBook Air. There is also a slightly larger one for MacBook Pro 15". You can get this online at BagsnPacks and Rushfaster.