Monday, June 14, 2010

Your Words Cut Like a Knife

Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you.
I beg to differ. We often don't realise that words can confuse you or worse, wound you. Careless words or words spoken out of angers, they're like a slap in the face, they can even cut you through your skin and torture you emotionally. They're just as painful as physical wound, but much much greater! Even if we choose to ignore, we just can't deny that they do make an impact especially from someone you truly care about. It's just hard to ignore and though I can pretend they don't matter, they've already successfully punctured me in the heart...

Words that are not meant to be spoken, keep it to yourself. That would make this sad world a better place to be and keep me sane for a little while...

Some newly baked artwork Your Words Cut like A Knife for Alliance Port-A-Art section in a series of 3; Confused, Bleed and I can't Talk. You can steal these postcards in Urbanscapes this month on the 26th and I promise you won't get caught of stealing! Just kidding! The postcards are FOC! Please take one! :)

I can't talk.

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