Monday, June 29, 2009


Urbanscapes was good. Much more organized than last year. It was just too bad that I was too tired to linger around and take some pictures. I managed to catch a sleep for an hour, or shall I say a nap. I wouldn't say business was very good, but I was happy with the responses. Be it good or bad. I wanna  shout out a big thanks to those who purchased my necklaces. You have no idea how much in the world it means to me. Thank you! Thank you so much for adopting my precious babies! They're all one of a kind, be good to them! :) 

Oh well, I've took a few pathetic pictures of my very pathetic stall. Will post up more pictures of my necklaces soon. If you have anything in mind, please let me know. 


  1. hello :)

    since Yuna featured you im sure your followers are going to increase overnight.

    lets start with me, then.

  2. heloo,are u selling those things online?

  3. phynaz: thanks!

    mynn: i haven't really got the time to post it up. well, if i can work out a deal with yuna, you might get to see my stuff at her shop. *fingers crossed*

  4. oh i adored this necklace. how wonderfull u can do it yourself. i hope i can do it too (:

  5. ah dude..for sure, i want to buy it for quality artwork! but only if u sell lah, if not, i respect, thats ur work (:

  6. Oh, Hey Pka,
    Sorry I didn't reply you earlier. I am selling it and I was at Chic Pop last Saturday, but fret not.. I am going to post it up online soon. Hopefully next week, you're able to seem them online :)

    Hi Shira!
    That's so sweet!! Thanks :)